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Meet Jeremy

Your Town Meeting Candidate

Choose Dela Cruz for Precinct 10

Prinz Jeremy Llanes Dela Cruz
Prinz Jeremy Llanes Dela Cruz and Tyler Crespi

Leadership Experience

  • Immigrant Advancement Committee

    • Launched by the Commission for Diversity, Inclusion & Community Relations (Brookline, MA)​

  • Board of Directors, Asian Pacific Alumni of ND

  • Fulbright Association

Endorsed By

  • Brookline for Everyone

    • Brookline for Everyone advocates for housing policies that promote economic diversity, racial inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

  • Brookline PAX

    • Since 1962, PAX has been a progressive voice for peace, justice, and civil rights.


  • M.S. in Finance, University of Notre Dame

  • B.A., University of Notre Dame

Key Interests

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Asian Pacific Islander Representation

  • Immigrant Advocacy

  • International Education

Jeremy Dela Cruz serves as a social impact consultant with a background in financial services and international project management. He enjoys delivering collaborative value through data analysis, market research, and process mapping.

Prior to social impact consulting, Jeremy managed strategy projects for a British engineering firm across its European and North American plant network, providing aerospace coverage to track and analyze $450.0m in aircraft revenue. He is proficient in French and has worked abroad in the greater Lyon, France region.


Jeremy also has experience onboarding high-net-worth investors at a multinational broker-dealer and conducting audits within the U.S. derivatives industry.

In 2016, Jeremy earned a Fulbright scholarship to teach English in Andorra. He remains inspired by Sen. J. William Fulbright’s vision of cultivating peace via people-to-people diplomacy and continues to engage in international exchange issues through the Fulbright Association.

As a proud Double Domer, Jeremy leads student relations initiatives on the Asian Pacific Alumni Board of Directors at the University of Notre Dame.

Let’s build a better Brookline

On May 4th, look for the longest name on the ballot:

Prinz Jeremy Llanes Dela Cruz

—And you'll find the 25 letters that spell real progress for Precinct 10.

Feel free to send me a note on how we can solve a challenge together.

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